Victory is in the cards

When an enemy attacks, you only have two choices: Battle, or run away screaming.
The first one sounds like more fun, doesn't it?

ControllerGold and orange starBlue starBlue star
TV with console

As the battle begins, you get to choose a move from your deck of Battle Cards on the Wii U GamePad Controller screen.

Pink star

Paint your cards to power 'em up, and fling them away to make your move.

Ready, steady, GO

Timing is everything. Try to press A at exactly the right time to do the most damage.

Play with a full deck

Collect new Battle Cards as you play by hitting Question Blocks, winning battles, painting colorless spots, and more.

You can use coins to buy Battle Cards in Port Prisma, too.

Enemy Cards let you call in someone to fight for you. Cool, huh?


Not all cards are for fighting. These Mushrooms, for example, will restore your health and your paint meter.

Ghost with toad

What's that Thing?

Thing Cards are a whole other story.

You'll find certain real-life objects in the world that you can squeeeeeze and turn into a card. Then you can use them to solve puzzles and defeat bosses.