Exploration 101

Mario needs to unlock all the areas on Prism Island by solving puzzles, battling baddies, and collecting Paint Stars. And he's gonna need your help.

Mario and Bucket
Mini Paint Stars open new stages.
Small blue Paint Star
Small yellow Paint Star
Small red Paint Star
Big Paint Stars open up whole new areas. Impressive!
Big pink Paint Star
Big orange Paint Star
Big green Paint Star
Yellow Toad
Blue Toad
Purple Toad
Green Toad
Red Toad

You'll probably need to rescue some of the Rescue Squad Toads along the way. These guys are brave, but also very accident prone.


As you go through each stage, be sure to look around. You might find coins or Question Blocks where you least expect them.

Plus, how else will you find clues to the mystery?

You're gonna need a bigger tool belt.

Mario has brought along his best tools for the job. But don’t try to find these at the hardware store.

Paint Hammer: Paint it back

What's that? A colorless spot? Ugh, so tacky! Use your Paint Hammer to splash color back into place.

Paint meter

Mario's paint meter shows your hammer's supply of red, blue, and yellow. To get more, pick up globs of paint from defeated enemies or hit stuff around the stage with your regular hammer.

Switch things up with Cutout

Stuck on a puzzle? Try cutting on the dotted line with help from your pal, Huey.

The Cutout feature lets you, er, cut out backgrounds to reach new areas. Maybe that's why it's called that, huh?

Mind the map

Your trusty map shows you where to go and even tells you the percentage of colorless spots you've restored. New roads will open as you collect Paint Stars.

Roshambo Arena

Fulfill your lifelong dream of becoming a Roshambo champion. (That's a fancy way to say "rock, paper, scissors.")

Special events

You'll find yourself joining in other strange activities, too, like going on a game show or trying to cook the perfect steak. That's not weird AT ALL.

Alt tag
Ship and lighthouse