Help on Your Adventure

Do you find yourself asking, "Hey, where was that one guy again?" Or, "Where should I go next?" Well, I've learned a thing or two in my day, so just ask me!

What's Cutout?

Totally stuck? In times like this, the Cutout ability might just be your best friend!

If dotted lines appear when you press , that's a sign that you can use the Cutout ability. Cutout enables you to cut the screen along those dotted lines to create pathways and change the game world.

Cutout can even do stuff like THIS?!

Reveal hidden secrets...!

What if you put a Thing Card in there?

I found a line! But, I still can't use Cutout...

Maybe the line doesn't quite match the shape of the background. You could try moving farther forward or backward. Or, if the background is moving, take a deep breath and wait for the perfect timing. I'm sure you'll figure out how to make it fit.

This stuff seems kinda...suspicious, right?

Good instincts. You remind me of a less-attractive version of myself! Let's take a look, shall we?

You could try...painting it?!

Maybe you can pull on this if you're close enough?

Looks Cutout-able? Just press !

I can't paint this colorless spot...

If you don't have enough of the right paint color, you won't be able to paint. If you're seeing a icon in your paint tank, try hitting nearby objects such as flowers or trees with your hammer to get more paint.

What if I paint a colorless spot and nothing happens?

Maybe you missed a spot? Take a good look, and fill in every little bit!

What do I do with these "!?" Blocks?

Hit the block!

Once you hit it you'll be able to use the Unfurl ability. Hammer other stuff with the same "!?" mark on it to Unfurl it back into its true shape. You'll lose the power after a certain amount of time, but you can always go back and hit the block again.

If you hit an enemy with your hammer while you've got Unfurl power, you'll defeat 'em in one hit without having to battle. But you'll lose the power if you start a battle with an enemy, so be careful.

Soooo...there's a Toad in a weird outfit now.

That's a Rescue Toad. Part of a Rescue Squad that Mario has to, I mean, that helps Mario!

All of the Rescue Squads have been scattered, so you'll have to reunite them. They can be a bit...unreliable, but when it comes right down to it, they'll give their all to help you out!

What if I can't find a Rescue Toad?

Go talk to the Rescue Chief at Rescue HQ in the yellow district of Port Prisma. He'll give you the latest info on the Rescue Squads, like how many members are missing and where they are.

What's a Thing Card?

Objects that are 3D, like this fan here, are called Things. A Thing Card is what you get when you squeeze a Thing. When you use them, crazy things can happen.

Apparently there are even Action Commands when you use Thing Cards in battle. Press at the right time, and you might get an Excellent! I hear there might even be other hidden Action Commands too!

I used up my Thing Card...

I know what you're thinking. You're thinking, "Oh no! Now I can't get through this course! I needed that Thing Card I used before!"

No need to worry! If you go back to the place where you squeezed that Thing, you can squeeze the same Thing again to get another Thing Card. It'll also restore your paint.

What if I need it right away?

You could try asking the Wringer. He's in a barrel in Port Prisma's harbor district. You'll have to pay him, but you can squeeze any Thing you've gotten before right there on the spot. Unfortunately he might be out of some Things at certain key points in the story.

Can I see a map of Port Prisma?

Sure, here you go!
From left to right you've got the blue district, the red district, and the yellow district. Then down at the bottom you've got the harbor district. As your adventure continues, you'll be able to go to more places.

Touch the Flashing Spots

What can I do at Prisma Museum?

You can listen to music or take a closer look at the cards you've donated. Cards are divided into three categories: Basic Cards, Enemy Cards, and Thing Cards. In the Thing Cards gallery, you can actually try out the cards.

As you donate Battle Cards, you'll also unlock new pieces of art. Hurry up and donate so I can get my art appreciation on!

Where am I supposed to go now?

First things first—talk to me with ! If that doesn't help, try asking other people. It's never a bad idea to gather info in places you've already been.

Did you forget about any Items?

Have you found the Rescue Toads?

Did you hear the news from the Café Toad?

Did you ask the Know-it-all Toad which Thing you need?

What if I need more coins?

Yeah, your pockets do seem a little empty. I can tell, obviously.

Did you know you can get a TON of coins if you win at a Roshambo Temple? You can also get a pretty tidy sum by defeating the Shy Bandit or by winning a battle where Kamek got in your way! Of course, you won't be able to find those guys anytime you want.