Game-World Basics

So you've made it to Port Prisma? Normally it would be chock full of color, but now, not so much. That's why you need to find those Paint Stars!

I've put together some basic tips that'll be useful on your adventure right away.

What are colorless spots?

These white spots appear when enemies drain color from the world. But you can fix them with your paint hammer!

What happens when you paint a colorless spot?

Well, if you fix a colorless door, it might open again. You can also get coins and Battle Cards by filling in colorless spots.

To see how much color you've managed to restore, take a look at the courses in the world map. The percentage will display below the name of each course. You can also check out the Status screen in the menu.

How do you use the hammer?

You can swing your normal hammer with and your paint hammer with . If all you wanna do is smack something, just use the normal hammer so you don't waste your paint!

You can review these controls anytime you like from in the menu.

Where'd Huey go?

Don't worry—I didn't go anywhere! If you need help, you can call me anytime with ! I'm always thinking about what to do next while I'm holed up in your pocket!

There's some stuff on the ground. Should I pick it up?

Yeah, buddy! Finders keepers! And let me tell you a little bit about the things you might find.

Picking this up will restore your own paint supply. Don't worry—you can touch it without getting paint all over you.
Hammer Scraps
Collect a lot of these to increase the maximum amount of paint you can hold. More paint means more painting!
You can spend these at the card shop, at cafés, and even during battle when you use Battle Spin. Guess it always pays to have some coins to your name.
These restore your HP. Say, do you think these hearts might come from Princess Peach? *sigh* That'd be swell.
? Blocks
Hit these blocks and— What's that? You already know? OK.

How do I clear a course?

Grab a Paint Star by jumping into it. Some courses might even have multiple Paint Stars. Finding them can be pretty hard, but... *sniff sniff* Oh, I think I smell one now!

How do I save?

The game will save automatically at certain points, like when you leave a course.

Saving in the middle of a course

You can save within a course by hitting a Save Block. The next time you play the game, just select the course that you saved in, and you'll start from the Save Block you used.

If you go to another course before going to the course you saved in, or use to head out to the world map from within the course and then reenter, you'll start back at the beginning of the course. But colorless spots you restored and puzzles you solved will still be saved as they were, so don't worry.

Can I delete save data?

You can. If you want to forget everything and start the adventure over from the beginning, select (System Settings) from the Wii U Menu, go to Data Management, and then select Copy/Move/Delete Data. From there you can delete your save data. Just remember that once you delete your data, it's gone for good!
I, of course, will NEVER forget the time we spent together.

How many save files can I make?

One save file per registered user on the Wii U console. By switching users, family members or friends can have their own adventures just for themselves.

How do I exit a course?

You can usually leave the same way you came in to get to the world map. If you're in a course where you've already grabbed at least one Paint Star, you can exit simply by pressing !

How do I restore my HP?

You can use a Mushroom card during battle or find hearts out in a course!

What, you want an easier way? Well, I guess you could go to the café in Port Prisma. You'll need coins, but they can restore your HP and paint. I seem to remember seeing cafés in Roshambo Temples too.

And if my HP goes to zero?

Whoa! Don't let that happen! If your HP reaches zero, it's game over.

But if it does happen, don't worry too much. You can start over from the last place you saved. I'm sure we'll get 'em next time!