Battle Basics

Let's go over some battle basics! The main thing is knowing which card to use when. If you want to get deeper into battle techniques, check out Advanced Battle Tips.

How do battles work?

Set your cards!

Color them with paint!

Flick them!

What if I play a card but it's not used?

As you continue your adventure, you'll be able to set multiple cards at once, but once a card has been put into play (even if it doesn't get used), it will disappear from your hand. So if you're up against an enemy you think you'll defeat easily, it's a good idea to hold back the number of cards you put into play! Efficient card usage is all part of battle strategy!

Which cards should I use?

It's a good idea to think carefully about the picture on the card as well as the Action Command that goes along with it!

If you time it right, a Jump card can attack multiple times, or a Hammer card can wipe out other nearby enemies in one shot. Consider how many enemies there are and how much damage they've already taken when choosing your cards.

You can look at the cards you've got on hand in Cards in the menu.

So what do the pictures on the cards mean?

These show what effect the card has. So a shoe means it's a Jump card, which lets you attack enemies by jumping on them. If the picture looks like it's worn out, that means it's a weaker card. If the picture is really big, that means it has high attack power! The number of pictures on the card will tell you how many times you can attack.

Where can I get cards?

You can spend coins to get them at the card shop in Port Prisma. You can also get them by hitting ? Blocks and restoring colorless spots. Sometimes when you defeat an enemy, you'll even get that enemy's card too! Getting someone you fought against to come over to your side? That's some next-level hero stuff!

What if I run out of cards during battle?

Whoa! That'd be no good! You'd better press and hold Flee until it turns red and run away!
But, that doesn't always work out. And there may even be times when you can't run away!

If you've got the coin, you can also use Battle Spin! You might get that one super-awesome card that'll totally turn the battle around!

Battle Spin

So, Battle Spin lets you get cards even during a battle. It'll become available to you at a certain point in your adventure, so just hang in there if you don't have it yet, OK?