World Map
and Menus

So, how's your adventure going? Let's take a look at the cool info in the world map and menus!

How do I read the world map?

I'll explain on the map below! For one thing, each time you collect a Mini Paint Star, another road will open up on the map. Also, the course with the flashing circle around it is the last course the game was saved in.

Touch the Flashing Spots
Course Colors
A course you haven't cleared yet
A course you've cleared, but still has Paint Stars to find
A course you've completely cleared by collecting all Paint Stars

What's a Roshambo Temple?

It's a temple where people confident in their Roshambo skills gather to duke it out. Competition is stiff, but if you can come out on top, you'll be rewarded with coins, cards, and glory. The Toads near the entrance may be able to tell you about the opponents you'll face there!

Every Paint Star you get gives you a chance to enter a Roshambo tournament. If the hands on the pillars are flashing with rock, paper, scissors icons, you can enter!

When do new Roshambo Temples appear?

Sometimes after you get a Paint Star, a medallion with a Roshambo icon on it will appear. Grab it, and a new temple will open up. As you continue on your adventure, you'll be able to visit more new temples!

Um, some creepy guy with a straw just showed up...

It's the Shy Bandit! He shows up on the world map sometimes. He's bad news!

Get to the course he's gunning for before he does, or he'll end up slurping up some of the paint from those colorless spots you restored! If you don't get there before he does, you'll have to face him in battle!

The rumor is that he's a Black Shy Guy who was banished from his homeland. He uses the red mask to hide his identity. I'm not sure it's working...

How do I view the menu?

Just touch Open Menu on the Wii U GamePad screen. If you're playing in Off-TV mode, touch the GamePad screen and the Open Menu button will pop up!

When the menu opens, you'll see different buttons at the top. Touch Status, Cards, Items, or to switch between pages.

What can I do on the Status page?

You can check on Mario's status, see the Big Paint Stars you've collected, or check out your rate of colorization (the percentage of colorless spots you've restored).

You can check colorization on the world map too, but here you'll be able to see your progress for all courses in one spot. It's nice to see just how well you've done!

100% Colorization

I'm probably not supposed to tell you this...but each time you restore 100% of a course's colorless spots, you'll unlock additional music to listen to in the Prisma Museum in Port Prisma. Once you're done adventuring, why not just kick back with some tunes?

What can I do on the Cards page?

You can read explanations of each card and organize your cards.

Touch the Flashing Spots

What can I do on the Items page?

In the tab, you can check out key items. If an item doesn't have a , that means you haven't used it yet. Some items disappear after use.

In the tab, you can look at letters you've picked up from the Port Prisma Post Office and check Holo-Peach messages you've picked up across Prism Island.

If you don't know what to do next, try looking over your items and letters. By the way, I noticed you never actually write anyone back when you get a letter. What's up with that? Are you a Shy Guy at heart?

What can I do on the page?

You can check the controls. If you touch Settings in the lower-right corner, you can also switch screens or change the control style used in battle. Touch in the lower left to open this very manual.

Switch Screens

Under Switch Screens, touch Enable Off-TV Play to play just on the Wii U GamePad controller. If you did that, you could play this game while watching TV or something! Crazy!

Combat Controls

Under Combat Controls, touch Basic + Buttons to enable the use of button commands for setting cards and painting them in battle. Select Advanced Touch Controls to combine setting and painting cards into one screen.

What are the controls in Battle?

Select Settings from , and then, under Combat Controls, select Basic + Buttons to use buttons during battle!

Button Controls
Select Cards
Next Step
Battle Spin
Check Enemy*

*Only for Off-TV Play