Advanced Battle Tips

Just a few simple tricks can make battles go a lot easier! Ahh, there's nothing like laying waste to a bunch of enemies at once!

How can I do massive damage?

The trick to fighting is nailing the timing of Action Commands! Through my own secret channels, I've gotten ahold of some juicy intel. Wanna see? Hopefully it's useful.

For Jumps...
For Hammers...
For Fire Flowers...
About Blocking...

If you want some practice, head to the Action Command Dojo in Port Prisma! If you're still having trouble, you can always come back to this page.

Um, so I was attacking and I TOOK damage?!

Some enemies can damage YOU when you attack 'em. Observe your enemy carefully or you'll pay for it! For example...

If you kick a Koopa Troopa into something, it'll bounce right back at you! But if you block, it'll at least hurt a little less, maybe?

Jumping on a Spike Guy... That's gotta hurt! Maybe this would have been a good time to use a hammer.

How do I attack enemies that are too quick to hit?

If you're facing down a super-nimble Black Shy Guy, try doing an area attack that they can't possibly avoid! Try different things, like Thing Cards, perhaps.

How do I damage really tough enemies?

They look real shiny and hard, but apparently that's just their top layer. Maybe if you attack them with something hard and metal, that top layer will peel off!

How do I attack airborne enemies?

Was the game all like "The attack didn't reach its target"? Here's the thing—even enemies up high can be stomped on using a Jump! Mario has mad hops!

There's an opening! How do I get the jump on an enemy?

Approach them carefully from behind...and then attack! Jumps work fine, but I think your hammer is a little stronger.

If you get the drop on an enemy, you'll have an advantage at the start of battle. As you continue your journey and your max HP increases, sometimes your sneak attacks will defeat the enemy without you even needing to enter battle.

My cards seem weak...

Maybe you're not painting them properly? Painting cards makes them stronger. If your paint game is totally golden, why not brush up on how to select the right cards?