A colorful cast

Mario and his friends are Prism Island's only hope. Can you help them track down clues and crack the case of the disappearing colors?



The hero of this story. Mario has to use all his might and his brainpower to make Prism Island bright again.

Pink star

Princess Peach

This plucky princess couldn't be part of the plot against Prism Island…or could she? (Spoiler: Probably not.)

Princess Peach
Pink and Yellow flowerYellow flower
Huey (Paintcan)


He's a paint can that talks. Frankly, that seems suspicious.

Purple starGold starLight blue starRed star


These residents of the island are being robbed of their color, too! Not cool.

Toad pad
Blue and yellow flower

Rescue Squads

The Rescue Toads in these squads have all been split up…so Mario has to reunite them. Could this be a ruse to keep Mario from the real mystery?

Blue ToadYellow ToadRed ToadBlue ToadGreen Toad
Light blue star

Shy Guys and Slurp Guys

Shy Guys like to cause trouble and Slurp Guys suck up color with a straw! But they may not be the masterminds behind this plan...

Slurp guyShy guy
Pink and Yellow flower

Big Paint Stars

These colorful stars can usually be found in Port Prisma's Prisma Fountain, but they've gone missing. Sigh.

Red Paint StarBlue Paint StarYellow Paint Star
Yellow flower
Mysterious Color Thief

Mysterious Color Thief

Help Mario unmask this mischief-maker!

Yellow star
TreesBuilding and trees